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Grooved seals are bi-directional and designed to deal with a wide range of sealing pressures. The seal features two different pressure-sensitive energizers, and can handle a wide range of pressures while it still maintains a good level of sealability. The top's four-lobed ring is the low pressure energizer of the PTFE seal. This four-lobed ring is not as effective at higher pressures, and instead, the O-Ring below is the energizer for the PTFE cap. An additional feature is the center groove on the PTFE piston ring cap, which acts as a reservoir for lubrication during operation.

Temperature range: -65°F to +400°F

Applications: Piston accumulators; medium duty hydraulic cylinders; low speed rotary; high pressure

Cap: Filled PTFE

Elastomer energizers: Viton™ (FKM); nitrile

Max Pressure: 5,000 psi

Max Velocity: 0.7 ft/sec

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Grooved Seals