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Why run in circles searching for rubber compounds when they're all right here in one convenient place? High Performance Seals offers nearly 500 different rubber compounds in a wide assortment of materials and hardnesses to fulfill virtually every conceivable requirement. Does your application require singular properties or capabilities? We'll develop a compound just for you. 

The tables below describe our most popular rubber compounds plus overviews of some of our specialty rubber materials. Call us at 877-796-0123 or email us at sales@highperformanceseals.com.

Aflas® (AGC Chemicals) TFE/P
Butyl Rubber IIR
Carboxylated Nitrile XNBR; CNBR
Chloroprene Rubber Neoprene® (duPont); CR; polychloroprene
Ethylene Acrylic Rubber Vamac® (duPont); AEM
Ethylene Propylene EP; EPDM; Vistalon® (ExxonMobil)
FEP/PFA Encapsulated O-Ring Teflon® Encapsulated O-Ring
Fluorocarbon Rubber Viton™ (Chemours™); Dai-El® (Daikin); FKM
Fluorosilicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning), FMQ
Highly Saturated Nitrile HNBR; HSN; Therban® (Bayer)
Natural Rubber NR; Hevea
Nitrile Rubber Buna N; NBR; Paracril® (Uniroyal)
Polyacrylate Rubber Polyacrylic; Hycar® (Goodrich); ACM
Polyurethane AR; EU; Adiprene® Vibrathane® (Uniroyal)
PTFE Teflon® (duPont)
SBR SBR; Duradene® (Firestone)
Silicone Rubber Silastic® (Dow Corning); MQ; VMQ; PMQ
Viton™ ETP (Chemours™) Viton™ Extreme™


Internally Lubricated
FDA Compliant
NSF 51 Certified
NSF 61 Certified
UL Recognized
H4 Compliant Materials

3-A Sanitary Compliant

A wide assortment of certified compounds are available. NSF and UL compounds provided by High Performance Seals originate from RT Dygert, a certified NSF and UL compound manufacturer/supplier.