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Part Enhancement


High Performance Seals offers three different services on the parts we sell.

  1. Color Coding: Because O-Rings of different compounds look the same, we offer several colors through dotting for quick, easy part identification. Dotting parts assures the correct compound is used for its given application. Color dotting is also valuable for inventory control of expensive parts like Viton™ ETP, or for making sure the correct size of O-Ring is used. 
  2. Powder Coating: Powder coatings are used primarily in conjunction with automated manufacturing processes. High Performance Seals can powder coat parts with several friction reducing substances, greatly aiding part flow in automated processes. Coatings are available in silicone, talc, molybdenum disulfide (Moly), and Teflon® powders. 
  3. Part Washing:  Parts are often coated with lubricants in order to free them from the mold. High Performance Seals can wash these parts, removing silicone, surface grease, foreign matter, or bloom that may interfere with the assembly process.