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Capped T-Seal


In function, capped T-seals are similar to normal T-seals, except the elastomer energizes a PTFE cap which seals the dynamic surface. Capped T-seals are well suited as heavy duty piston seals in high duty cycle linear actuators because the PTFE cap is made of a low friction material. Low friction also means low wear, which provides excellent long term life capability.

Features: Low/high pressure sealing; anti extrusion rings; low compression set energizer

Temperature range: -65°F to +400°F

Applications: Mobile hydraulic; high duty cycle

Elastomer (Energizer): EPDM; nitrile; Viton™; HNBR

Back-up: Nylon; Delrin.  CAP: PTFE; filled PTFE

Max Pressure: 10,000 psi

Max Velocity: 3.2 ft/sec

For more information about this type of piston seal visit here:

Capped T-Seal