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O-Ring Loaded


Of all the dual-action piston seals, the O-Ring loaded seal has the highest level of sealability. It functions similarly to a capped T-seal, while the apex seal employs an elastomer energizer to activate the thermoplastic sealing element. This sealing element can be made either of Fluorotrel or Lubrithane, and both offer superior extrusion and wear resistance. Also, the back-beveled sealing lip gives the O-Ring loaded seal excellent sealability at both high and low pressures.

As with T-seal and capped T-seals, O-Ring loaded seals are designed to retrofit standard O-Ring grooves. This seal is recommend for applications where the maximum amount of sealability is required since too much sealing force can cause stick slip conditions. It is also recommended for use in applications with limited axial movement since the cross section is relatively square.

Features: Square seal, back-beveled lip; energizer and low pressure sealability

Temperature range: -50°F to +250°F 

Applications: Mobile hydraulic, vacuum, agricultural, high pressure and bi-directional sealing

Materials: Urethane, HP urethane or Hytrel®

Max Pressure: 5,000 psi

Max Velocity: 0.3 ft/sec