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Design Assistance


High Performance Seals' design assitance can be an invaluable service in your application development. Because our customer base is so large and encompasses so many diverse industries, we've literally "been there, done that" in virtually every possible challenge. These industries include but are not limited to small engines, lawn and garden, spraying equipment, water filtration,  plumbing, camping equipment, automotive and more. Also, given such an extensive range of applications, our engineering staff can use best practice engineering solutions that are developed from multiple industries.

High Performance Seals begins each design assistance project with a thorough review of all drawings and models. Most design assistance requests are quickly solved with a simple review and application of standard seal design parameters. For projects with greater complexity, we'll recommend design or material modifications to resolve any technical issues. Our design change suggestions may be for the seal itself or for the mating components. To initiate our design assistance process, please call High Performance Seals at 253-218-0213 or email our engineering staff through our “Ask an Engineer” tool.