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O-Ring Kits

O-Ring Kits

High Performance Seals offers more than twenty-five different O-Ring and seal assortments in many materials, shapes and sizes. The materials range from standard compounds like multipurpose nitrile (Buna-N) rubber, to more unique materials including Viton™ (also called fluorocarbon) and PTFE (also called Teflon®).

All of High Performance Seals' O-Ring and seal kits are organized in sturdy compartmented boxes made of either translucent polypropylene or opaque/transparent styrene plastic. Each of these containers includes useful cards or labels identifying the size and quantity of seals in each compartment. To facilitate resale, all products are shipped in plain boxes with generic labeling for easy re-labeling and re-shipment.


36-Compartment O-Ring Kits

This kit contains a variety of 36 sizes of O-Rings, seals or back-up rings in popular sizes and compounds. More


12-Compartment O-Ring Kits

These 12-compartment kits are for repair, maintenance and prototype applications. More


Additional Kits

Besides 12- and 36-compartments, we offer specialty kits for a variety of applications. More