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Incoming Quality Inspection


High Performance Seals has a state-of-the-art inspection facility, allowing us to ensure that supplier products meet all specified requirements. Customer issues are rare, but if one occurs, our inspection department has the resources to immediately troubleshoot the problem for a quick resolution. High Performance Seals' primary inspection tools are:

  • Micro-Vu Non-contact Visual Inspection Devices: These are our premier inspection tools. These highly sophisticated computerized machines automatically measure parts against industry standards or the customer's prints or drawings. One of Micro-Vu's advantages over an optical comparator is its ability to take measurements in the Z-axis (vertically). This feature provides dimensional measurements that would otherwise need to be taken with sectioned samples. The 3D nature of the Micro-Vu system allows us to measure distance, radius, angle, diameter, concentricity, circularity, flatness, parallelism, sphericity, true position, and many more GD&T features.    
  • Shore A & M Durometers: Hardness is a crucial physical property for rubber materials. High Performance Seals can measure incoming product on either Shore scale to assure that incoming parts meet our customers' hardness specifications. We normally measure incoming product with the Shore A probe, however smaller products may require durometer readings with the Shore M probe. 
  • Density: We measure the specific gravity of incoming parts using the Archimedes method. It enables us to quickly verify the compound type, since most common elastomers have a sufficiently wide density range to identify them using the specific gravity method. 
  • Full Equipment List:
    • Two 12”x12”x6” Micro-Vu units
    • Rex Shore A probe 
    • Rex Shore M probe
    • Set of pin gauges (.061 to .750) 
    • Calipers (multiple sizes)
    • Analytical Lab Balance for specific gravity readings 
    • Surface roughness probe
    • Snap gauges (multiple) 
    • Micrometers (including an interchangeable tip micrometer) 
    • Digital height gauge with granite measuring block 
    • PI tapes for large diameter parts

Please note that High Performance Seals maintains detailed calibration records of all our inspection equipment. Also, all QC equipment calibration service providers are ISO/IEC 17025 certified.